International shipping

CustomService provides a full range of services for international cargo transportation.

We deliver quickly, efficiently, safely, and profitably!
Our services include the delivery of imported and exported goods and their customs clearance.

We offer
the following types of shipping:

морские перевозки

Shipping by sea

The most economical type of transportation.

High carrying capacity.

Possibility of long-distance delivery of large quantities.


If the batch is large, then delivery is carried out in a separate container.


If the batch is small, it is delivered as groupage cargo (consisting of cargo from different consignees).


Price/quality/delivery time ratio.

Regularity and versatility of transportation.

Transportation mobility.

Transportation of goods over short distances.


Full vehicle load.


Partial load when we deliver as groupage cargo (consisting of cargo from different consignees).


Rail transportation

Mobile delivery of oversized cargo over long distances.

Delivery of goods by container trains.

Universal for all types of goods.

Air transportation

The fastest delivery method.

Mainly for small-sized cargo.

Intercontinental shipping available.

High cargo safety.


Multimodal transportation

When you need to deliver cargo from point A to point B regardless of the complexity and duration of the route.

To draw up an optimal transportation plan, we select already proven routes and combine the most profitable types of transport from all the available ones. Do you need delivery by Rail + Air or Sea + Auto? We will organize transportation of anything and anywhere!

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Impressive experience in the field of logistics and customs clearance allows us to provide a wide range of services:

We choose

the optimal route for delivering your cargo, taking all the features into account.

We optimize

shipping costs and other services.

We aid

in receiving related services (certification, cargo inspection, labeling, storage, insurance).

We control

We exercise control at all stages of transportation.

We check

availability and execution of all shipping and title documents.

We organize

temporary storage of goods at a temporary storage warehouse.

We're working for you!

And we speak your language, not the language of terms.